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Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

Enterprise Feedback Management is a centralize data collection solution under one hood. EFM allows companies to systematically collect and manage feedback and integrate their results with various information systems. This allows companies to have an actionable, comprehensive and accurate enterprise-wide outlook. Everyone within your organization – Marketing, HR, R&D, Client Relations, Upper Management – can be benefited. With APSIS Enterprise features, managing accounts and collaborating within your organization have never been easier.


Modules & Features of Apsis EFM software:


  • Control User Permission: Protect your data, Set permissions for each individual user, Control who can edit, distribute, share and see results.
  • Share Information Internally: Copy surveys to co-workers, Create a library of shared questions, Share online reports with co-workers & managers.
  • Project Your Corporate Identity: Give your surveys custom branding, Use your logo, colors & styling, Create unique skins for different departments.
  • Collaborate On Projects: Make teamwork simple, Avoid duplicating efforts across your organization, Share Public Report results with the click of a button.
  • Share Surveys: Collaborate with the click of a button, Build team surveys, group-edit and submit surveys for approval, Protect your survey from unwanted edits.
  • Branded Accounts: Use your brand name in the survey URL, Create a user login portal personalized with your logo, Make surveys look like they're coming from you, not APSIS.
  • Custom Reports: Track the data you care about, Customize reports to your company's needs, Share password-protected survey results with anyone.
  • GROUPS: Segment user accounts into groups, Divide accounts into teams with their own permission sets, Enable large organizations to scale research efforts effectively.
  • Single Sign-On: Access APSIS using a company-wide login, Keep corporate processes more streamlined, Provide online tools to employees in one simple location.
  • User Statistics: Know what users are doing, and when, View the number of responses, accounts, and surveys on your brand, Gauge how much research is being conducted by your organization.
  • Automatic Enrollment: Allow employees to self-enroll, Automatically assign pre-defined user permissions, Save hours of administrative resources.
  • Access Codes (Optional): Create access codes that customize new accounts, Provide different codes to different employee types or departments, Enable easy grouping.