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Order Management System

It is a Web-based solution intended to manage interaction between Customer and Producer/Supplier with the facility of tracking all kinds of operational flow and efficient MIS generation.


Customer Information Management


  • Comprehensive Customer Information Portal
  • Customer Profile Management for Controlling features in Customer Portal
  • Easy Accessible and Intuitive user interface regardless of source of content
  • Personalization/Customization of Interfaces for different customers using skins, logo etc
  • Individual Customer can manage their profile
  • The Customer Information provides all necessary fields for tracking a customer. However, customer wise customized fields can be defined


User Account Management


  • Ability to Create, Edit or delete users in user friendly and easy manner
  • Role wise accesses for users to the system options and Menus as well as Workflows
  • Every user Login and activities in the system is logged. This can be traced through capturing Audit Trail.


Order & Workflow Management


  • Customers and Suppliers can place, view, edit orders, delivery schedules etc
  • Parameter Driven Order Creation facility (e.g. shipping mode, unit, etc.)
  • Orders are handled through a very strong work flow module which is customizable as per operating policy
  • User Admin function to control the functionality of the work flow module


Customer Feedback


  • Customer feedback and issue tracking
  • Escalation of issues
  • Customer Surveys
  • Analysis and Reporting based on customer activity


Reporting Suits


  • The system is bundled with a number of predefined static reports
  • Further customized reports can be developed based on user requirements
  • Dynamic Query Engine is available for custom data mining
  • Graphs & Analysis reports are available