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Wireless Electric Data Collaboration

With the recent proliferation of connectivity for small mobile computing devices, using cellular links, wireless LAN, Bluetooth and other radio-based technologies, the door has been opened for development of systems for ubiquitous collaboration with wide range of applications, such as mobile commerce, in-time training and maintenance, law enforcement, medical emergency and disaster relief services. Today, Android™, Apple® iPhone, Apple iPad, RIM® BlackBerry®, Microsoft Windows® Mobile and Nokia Symbian-based device owners get mobile collaboration support from APSIS. APSIS offers robust and powerful collaboration system where data can be captured from any input format. Information is processed and verified with speed and accuracy, and the final output is delivered to your database after validation & quality checks. The major challenge with wireless connections is that they are, by nature, very dynamic, with the available bandwidth and the latency changing rapidly over time. Another issue is that users need to seamlessly move between different computing devices and use the ones that best suit their current needs, all during an ongoing collaborative session.


The benefits of our solution are:


  • Simplified and streamlined order management OR data collection for the field persons with minimum overhead time.
  • Offline, Online and roll-out powerful, true e-Forms in the field to grab data, sign documents and close the gap between the field & back office.
  • Sales order OR collected data is registered in the central database in seconds
  • No possibility of data loss due to non recognition of hand written character.
  • A scalable solution that is able to manage many different types of forms in the future.
  • Real time statistics & reports allows managers to provide back resources and support where and when needed.
  • Cost effective solution