BANKULATOR® - Financial Solution Suite | Financial Product


Success of tomorrow's finance business will not only depend on the practical use of information technology in offering efficient client services but also the ability to introduce new products and services in the most creative manner. A financial organization needs software, which will integrate activities of Operation Department, Collection Department, Treasury, Deposit, Marketing, Central Accounts and other departments.


Keeping these in mind APSIS has developed a comprehensive loan, lease, hire purchase, deposit and account management system named: Bankulator. This is a product for efficient administration of the funding and finance portfolios in financial institutions. The system is based on a number of basic criteria from technological, functional, statutory and legal perspective. Respective guidelines by Central Bank have been followed for setting up the parameter-controlled product improviser and product management modules.











Customer Information Tracking

  • Marking every customer with unique identity.
  • Aggregating the customers who are in same group.
  • One point query screen for observing overall status of the agreements by customer group.
  • Keeping different information regarding customer, like personal address, office address, invoicing address, incorporation date etc.
  • Keeping CIB information regarding customers.


Product Administration


To walk with the present fast changing environment of financial word need to diversify business products with a lot of options and launching of these products become very easy and efficient with the help of the software.


Collection & Recovery Management


Collection and recovery management is the life line for financial institutions. This process in Bankulator includes:

  • Agreement wise cheque tracking:
  • Daily cheque honor & dishonor tracking:
  • Overdue tracking:




  • Instant customer wise, agreement wise and business group wise overdue status
  • Easy follow-up of expired insurance policies, guarantee etc.
  • Automatic penal interest calculation for every delayed payment
  • Amortizations follow up of the agreements become very easy with the system.




  • Every transaction is recognized as and when executed.
  • System generated accounting vouchers reduce extra work and amount of error
  • General ledger is updated in real time whenever entry posted.
  • Flexible customize chart of account which enables smart reporting
  • Accounts scheduled are being updated automatically




  • Offer processing, agreement processing, disbursement and execution become methodical, speedy and smooth.
  • Offers in pipeline are easily traceable with necessary next step action plan.
  • Auto IDCP calculation, customer exposure analysis etc.
  • Smooth system supported documentation.




  • Provide useful complete and timely information to management at every level of decision-making.
  • Provides summery report, periodic reports, even initiated reports to track down every operation of the system.
  • Provides exceptional/on demand customize reports with the help of standard spreadsheet.


Cheque & Cash Management


  • Cheque follow up is more accurate with respect to agreement no, cheque no, bank name, amortization schedule date etc.
  • System generated cheque and cash receipt tracking.
  • Cheques to be deposited daily prompted by the system.
  • Agreement wise cheque collection and/or dishonor process follow-up


Internal Control


  • Process of every transaction is done in compliance of existing process
  • Static parameters in different functional areas ensure internal check


Information Flow Management


  • Intra department integration of activity become very easy and one point accessible.
  • Every user has received a user profile that clearly defines the individuals' rights and ensures data security
  • Easily traced workflow to find respective user who has done the work.
  • User wise rights restriction ensures the data security of the organization.




  • Cost of fund can be calculated readily
  • Easy to follow up future payments and fore cast fund requirement.


Reporting & Compliance


  • All sort of Predefined Bangladesh Bank reports are generated automatically.
  • Predefined or on-demand repots to Board of Directors, different association and other statutory bodies


Security Measures & Authentication


Every financial data is important no matter what the information relates to. So security of the software is one of the vital issues to be considered. In Bankulator every individual user has his own restricted rights. All the transactions all logged into the system to aid audit trails. The security is ensured with the following major processes:


  • User Administration
  • Menu Administration
  • User Wise G/L Administration




Audit tracking become very easy with the help of agreement log, transaction log and security log. Every kind of deletion, updating and addition activity can be tracked down for these logs.