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Dynamic Voice Service Delivery Platform

VSDP is a general Voice Service Delivery Platform which can provide multiple services (e.g. Voice Messaging, Music Messaging, Voice Chat & Other Infotainment) using the same hardware platform with capability of handling multiple services over different access codes.

Apsis VSDP consists of the following features :


  • Air-time Charging is the default. But content charging can be done if proper Charging Interface is available.
  • Generates CDR in flat file and stores them in Database as well.
  • Statistics are available.
  • Web Based Customer Care Interface is available.
  • Sharing of Hardware Resources ensures proper utilization and provides option for accommodation of service wise super peaks.
  • Regular Heartbeat interface for remote monitoring of service.
  • Channel Status Monitor - for status monitor of Channels.
  • SS7 / ISDN Signaling Interface.
  • Various services can be deployed instantly e.g. Voice SMS, Music Messaging, Anonymous Voice Chat, Voice Portal etc.